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The system gives you the ability to do daily group stock control.This will enable you to cut out month end stock takes by doing hourly stock takes each day of selected groups.Most stores manage two full stock takes per month using this method.

Automatic re-ordering module minimizes stock holding and always keeps you in stock of the items that sell.

The daily financial report not only gives you a single page report of each point of sale with all their methods of payment, but also the running month-to-day totals.

The items sales report will give you a gross profit percentage on each line sold for the day, plus a gross profit percentage at the end of daily sales.

If when capturing a suppliers invoice the system will detect any price increases and report them in the form of a acception report. This report will also suggest the new selling price calculated on current profit of the item.

Sales trends are monitored on a 12 month cycle per item.This will enable forward buying on those items which have seasonal adjustment.

General Overview

The HRK POS may connect, by using an industry standard network, to a Back Office computer. This allows the data set up at POS to be downloaded from systems running at Back Office and allows all sales information available at POS to be accessed by those systems. In this 'information age', this access to data is vital for the retailer in order to manage a competitive edge.

The software available at Back Office is divided into the following products:

POS Controller

A comprehensive utility allowing access to the HRK POS and enabling ALL setup data needed at POS, to be done at the Back Office. In this manner control of setup data can be moved from the POS to the Back Office.

Sales Analysis

A full sales reporting module allowind daily and month to date sales reports to be printed on a Back Office computer. Cash declarations may be keyed in, thereby providing a banking total. All POS sales output data, including the electronic journal, is available for analysis or for moving to other systems, e.g. stock control, debtors, creditors or a central system.


The debtors system is a standard debtors system, with all the normal audit controls, but customised specifically to suit the retailer. The system contains some unique features e.g. allows reprinted statements to be defined using parameters, and using account magnetic cards (loyalty/Identification) to be linked to an account and sent to POS

Stock / Creditors / Purchase Ordering

This is a very comprehensive stock system, including desired GP%, rounding, purchase orders, goods receiving, creditors, stock take by shelf, group, hand held data capture unit, transfers, sales from POS, reporting, forecasting etc.,etc.

The system allows for recipe explosion, the preparation of recipe items, and stock control of ingredients.

Quotations / Invoicing

This subsystem allows for quotations to be entered and printed on the back office system. These quotations can then be converted into customer invoices and printed usind either a POS printer or conventional computer printer with plain paper or preprinted stationery with the retailer's logo. With the retail trend of getting to know customer's buying trends and to know more about the customer, sales are allocated to a 'debtors' or customer's spending trend. This subsystem is particularly strong on allowing different pricing for the same product per customer so that discounts can be passes on in a controlled manner.

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