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HRK's high-powered Point-of-Sale Systems are especially designed to accomodate the formidable demands of the retail trade. With advanced features and the well-known HRK product qualities it will fulfill your exact requirements well into the next century. The system is a powerhouse of retail information and financial transactions operating at high speed with full managerial control, reporting all relavant detailed information when required. What's more its software is extremely user friendly and requires only a minimum of operator training.

The HRK CPU is built into the keyboard to make a very compact POS Unit which is powered by 12 volt, making the Unit very tolerant to power fluctuations. The Unit has the following connections:

-Standard VDU 23 cm (9") or 35,5 cm (14"), mono VGA or colour.

-3 x RS 232 Ports for a variety of printers, DOT matrix or thermal. These ports can be extended to 6x232 by using the HRK converter and can be connected to 5 or 12 volt, enabling the use of scanners, pin pads, smart card readers, customer display or any other periphial needing power.

-Connector for magnetic card reader for credit card verification.

-Connector for LCD screen.

-Connector for 2 cash drawers.

-Connector for Ethernet cable. Ethernet chip-on board. Lantastic Software is loaded for peer to peer connection or back office communication.

HRK Hardware supports a variety of scanners from Pen Scanners, CCD to Presentation Scanners or Fixed Bed Scanners. External Hand Held Scanners are also supported for importing stock data into the Systems. HRK is supporting all available approved Sana barcodes. Customised barcodes can also be supported depending on applications.

HRK Point-of-Sale Software caters for a variety of retail applications and can be customised to suit special applications.

The HRK Point-of-Sale System can stand alone using its internal advanced stock system or link to the HRK Apex back office software. This software is available in several modules:

-POS Controller



-Stock Control


-Loyalty Cards

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